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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : WU 8039 (Message 4671)
Posted 4233 days ago by Steven
Because of the \'Too many total results\', wus got granted credits = 0.

So if lots of people can\'t be bothered to persevere with a long WU and two people do, they get penalised? What a great incentive! I guess the results don\'t even get used either.

If that\'s really what you mean, I think I\'d better give up on Sztaki for good this time.
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : WU 8039 (Message 4667)
Posted 4234 days ago by Steven
WU 8039, downloaded 3 days ago, took over 60000 seconds of CPU time and completed on my computer early this morning with claimed credit of 134.30.

I\'ve just noted that it\'s been granted zero credit, and someone else who processed the same WU, also donating over 60000 seconds of CPU time, has also been granted zero credit for it. For both of us, the outcome is shown as \"Success\".

4 other people have had client errors while processing this WU, 2 more have gone past the deadline without reporting and one more is still processing.

Having persevered with this long WU, I\'m not very happy at getting no credit for it (it\'s not the first time this kind of thing has happened, either) so before I download any more Sztaki WUs, could someone please tell me what\'s going on?

Many thanks.

3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Missing credit (Message 2494)
Posted 4437 days ago by Steven

Of course it is a SZTAKI problem, Boinc is a multiproject application, if SZTAKI is not able to support the reschedule (for example : after downloading next SZTAKI work because current one is going to end), so it has to be removed from Boinc projects and moved to standalone application.

Yes, of course it is a SZTAKI problem and not a BOINC problem, that\'s what I meant in my last post. I\'m certainly not aware of any other BOINC projects giving rise to this problem.

Unlike the last poster (but like sygopet), I have persevered though (not sure why, but I have!) - I\'m now running BOINC on two computers and I\'ve given SZTAKI a small amount of resource share on the one that hardly ever gets turned off.

What does still annoy me is that:

a) nobody from SZTAKI seems to be saying when (or even whether) this problem is likely to be sorted out

b) in the meantime, as far as I can tell, there is still no prominent warning about this when you sign up (i.e. don\'t sign up for this unless your computer is on 24/7 and don\'t close BOINC down during a SZTAKI run if you still want to get credit for it) - that\'s the unforgivable bit, because even if programming a solution is hard, just putting up a warning would be so easy to do

By the way, thanks Ananas for trying to help, I will try it next time I need to do a shutdown on this computer.
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Missing credit (Message 2469)
Posted 4443 days ago by Steven

If I remember correctly, all the projects that I have attached to has the \"Leave applications in memory\" initially set to \"No\". This is probably a BOINC thing.

So SZTAKI is not the problem for this issue.

It may be true that it\'s a BOINC default, but if it\'s so important to SZTAKI that it is set to yes, why not tell us that somewhere very prominent before we start? Surely it\'s not that hard to do that?
5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Missing credit (Message 2467)
Posted 4443 days ago by Steven
Thanks for letting me know the reason, but the reason is very annoying. Why so annoying? Well ...

- \"Leave applications in memory while preempted\" was indeed set to no, but I didn\'t at any point change it from yes to no - no was the default. If it\'s essential that this option is set to \'yes\', why is the default \'no\' and why aren\'t we told anything about this when we sign up to the project?

- Even with this option set to \'yes\', what happens when the computer gets turned off at night, doesn\'t that cause the same problem? Am I only supposed to attach to this project if I never turn my computer off, and if so then again, why aren\'t we told this when we sign up?
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Missing credit (Message 2465)
Posted 4443 days ago by Steven
I\'ve only recently added Sztaki to my list of BOINC apps and I\'ve only completed 4 runs, including two where credit has been granted because two other people have successfully finished their runs too.

However, in one of those two cases, where the claimed credit was 2.93 by me and 4.05 / 6.58 by the other two people, they\'ve both been granted 4.02 and I haven\'t been granted anything despite my run showing as successful. (see

On the other work unit that I\'ve finished and two other people have finished too, I\'ve been granted credit, but the person who claimed the least credit for that run (2.54 to my 2.60) has again been granted 0. (see

Shouldn\'t all three of us have been granted credit in both cases, or am I missing something?

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