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Posted 4174 days ago by Profile Jeff Gu
Well, the competitive aspects of DC have never been of much interest to me, it\'s a matter of quickly balancing the projects, on a dozen machines, so that I can allocate resources where they\'re needed, and a quick glance at a stats site is usually sufficient for me to do that...

Perhaps I might be better off dedicating a single machine to SZTAKI project by itself, one that isn\'t running any other important services or other projects on it, and just leave it at that... :)

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Posted 4174 days ago by Profile Jeff Gu
Well, I can only say that the approximately 2800 credit figure sat at that number for a long time.. after posting, it went up to the current 3200 or so and hasn\'t moved off that figure for nearly a month...

I rely on BoincStats to balance the projects across the machines, and to see where I need to adjust things, whether the team is moving up or down in the rankings, etc... of the 14 Boinc projects I\'m currently crunching for, some take a day or two before I see the credit changes... but NONE of them go for weeks with no change, unless the project is down.

So I guess my question is, how long, exactly, does it take for credit for completed work units to become available for stat reporting sites like BOINCstats? A month? A year?
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Posted 4197 days ago by Profile Jeff Gu
After receiving no credit for work units crunched for a long time, I unattached all the machines from this project and gave up on it.

Recently, I attached two or three machines to the project, again... but it still fails to give credit for any completed work units...

I\'ll give it a few more days, then give up on this project for good if it doesn\'t give credit for completed work units.

As mentioned by others, this is a great way to lose your user base.

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