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Posted 4210 days ago by pac
After this I\'ll erase all of the old WUs from the database and we can start clear with new short WUs.
Of course I also have to apologize for any inconvinience caused, but please try to understand the difficulties around the cancellation of WUs in BOINC.

Adam, welcome back and I hope you had a good holiday.

I look forward very much to a better set of WU\'s after the 11th. If these work well I will be pleased, as will others I\'m sure, to help advertise that the project is back in business.

If I might make a suggestion it would be to start (or continue) a dialogue with Akos who seems to have magic fingers in diagnosing and optimising code.


i think the best solution is just to detach...solved all my problems and now i\'m actually getting credits instead of crunching numbers and never getting any credits....
2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : When will the project be back up? (Message 3187)
Posted 4288 days ago by pac
I haven\'t been able to get any WU for a few days...when will it be back up?

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