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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : platform \'x86_64-pc-linux-gnu\' not found when reporting WUs (Message 7235)
Posted 3588 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu
Crap, I just just attached 10 Linux 64b machines thinking I\'d get the 32b app.

I\'m running v5.10.45 of the core client but as I recall isn\'t \"send the 32b version\" also dependent on a minimum version of the server side BOINC also?

2) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : x86_64 (Message 7234)
Posted 3588 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu
I thought SDG would send me the x86 linux app and all would be fine? BOINC client v5.10.45.

What did I miss, this is working on some other projects... Is there a thread on this I missed? EDIT: Never mind, found it. As I recall isn\'t this feature also dependent on the server side version... Is that the problem here?

7/28/2008 1:43:01 AM||Master file download succeeded
7/28/2008 1:43:06 AM||Sending scheduler request: Project initialization. Requesting 1 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks
7/28/2008 1:43:11 AM|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Scheduler request succeeded: got 0 new tasks
7/28/2008 1:43:11 AM|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Message from server: platform \'x86_64-pc-linux-gnu\' not found
7/28/2008 1:43:11 AM|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|New host venue: home
7/28/2008 1:43:13 AM|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Started download of stat_icon_02.gif
7/28/2008 1:43:14 AM|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Finished download of stat_icon_02.gif
3) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : x86_64 (Message 7233)
Posted 3588 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu
With SO many BOINC based projects to choose from these days I had gotten carried away and created a bit of a personal BOINCing mess of what runs on what machine. Well I\'ve slowly got it pretty clean now. I now have almost all of my machines running all the same projects and all under BAM. There are just two exceptions.

SDG and Orbit.

With SDG on Windoze and Orbit on the Linux machines.

Yes, I know they both now support both Win and Linux. But I don\'t want to add another project to the machines. If anything I need 1 less. Decisions, decisions.

Neither of these projects currently have a x86_64 app. I think the first one to come up with a Linux 64b app gets moved to run on all machines and the other gets dropped.

Please don\'t read this as a threatening tone, that was NOT the intent. Just a personal decision and possibly a factor for others trying to decide what to run and what not to run.

It\'s possible that by now SDG has all the machines they need and could care less. Orbit certainly doesn\'t seem to be able to crank out enough work to keep up with demand so I doubt they care.

Just wanted to air my mental ramblings where the admins might see.

Skip, #89 on SDG, #1537 on Orbit

PS: Cross posted on Orbit forums also
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : x86_64 (Message 7232)
Posted 3588 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu
what OS is better for this project 32bit of 64 bit?

\"What OS\"? Well Linux of course! ;-)

Actually I don\'t know as I only have this project on my WindozeXP boxes at the moment.

However, and on to what I think you are really asking... Since the apps are all x86 it will make no difference if 32b or 64b OS.

For other projects (long list now) that support a 64bit app, they tend to see a 4% to 8% improvement in run times. At least one, ABC (long integer based), sees a huge gain... for me going from 32bit Win to 64bit Xubuntu it was around 50%!

Note: Debian derivative 64b Linux you\'ll need the \"ia32-libs\" package for 32bit compatibility.

PS: Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Debian now have v5.10.45 in package form. For some reason the .deb package installed v5.10.45 returns better benchmarks on my Xubuntu machines than the one from Berkeley.
5) Message boards : DesktopGrid Kávézó : TEAM RECRUITMENT THREAD (Message 6293)
Posted 4023 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu
So why should you consider our team? Well, look around the site. It\'s not fancy, but I think that I\'ve done a fair job of keeping it simple, pleasant and easy to navigate. Look at our team rankings on the projects we are currently crunching for. It\'s not very often that you see a team this size get so many projects that far up those ranking lists, and keep them there. We\'re dedicated, serious enthusiasts. But we want the casual enthusiast to feel welcome and know that we don\'t care if all you have is one old, outdated 500MHz Celeron machine. Every contribution is important to us. Because we believe in the technology, and what it can do (and has already done) for a number of scientific fields.

You might not be a computer geek, and feel a bit intimidated by the rather escoteric techno-talk. We only talk like that so we sound smarter than we really are, and to frighten small children. This is a very easy hobby to get into, costs practically nothing, requires almost none of your time and has been proven to improve your sex life. Ok, I made that last one up. But it\'s actually pretty fun. If you want to, you can go overboard and spend a fortune building a massively powereful cruncher farm that will keep that little disk in your electric meter spinning at a steady pace. But it\'s not necessary.

We will be more than happy to walk you through getting started, and offer what advice we can on how best to do things or which projects to crunch for... you can toss out the advice and just take the help with getting started, too. The important thing is that you get involved. Most of the projects really are doing great things for science.

I know that it might not help me recruit new members to our little team if I tell you that it\'s not important which team you join, but that\'s exactly what I\'m telling you. The contributions to science made by distributed computing far outweighs my recruiting efforts. So get involved. We\'ll be glad to have you on our team if you think you\'ll like it here. You\'re welcome to stop by and chat on our forums no matter what team you join, or even if you don\'t join any team (it\'s not a requirement), but this is something you can do that makes a difference. Maybe the news media will never take note of your contribution to the sciences... but we will!
6) Message boards : DesktopGrid Kávézó : TEAM RECRUITMENT THREAD (Message 6292)
Posted 4023 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu
Welcome to our site...

Guru Mountain\'s Distributed Computing Team was formed in April of 2006 as a means for us to put some of our computing power to work for humanitarian causes and the advancement of scientific knowledge.

This rewarding hobby is something that anyone with a personal computer can get involved with, takes up very little of your time, and costs you practically nothing. The software runs in the background on your computer,...

The Guru Extra Effort Kruncherz Squad (GEEK Squad) consists of active members who have been on our team for at least 30 days and who wish to help out with our efforts to raise team rankings on various projects, or contribute to the discussions involved.

Access to the GEEK Squad private forum requires membership in the GEEK Squad usergroup. Interested members can send me a private message or email me if they wish to be added to this usergroup.

This public forum may be viewed by anyone, and most discussion regarding our efforts takes place here, as there really isn\'t anything terribly top secret about any of it... we keep the really boring stuff such as squabbling over which projects should be next on our list of targets in the private forum in order to avoid boring our visitors half to death.

For a very small team with very few active members, we\'ve done remarkably well in a short period of time. But recruiting new members should become a priority in the coming months. To this end, our feeling is that people might be interested in joining a small team with several projects already high in the world rankings. I confess to a certain amount of pride in our accomplishments so far, but more active members is what will take the team higher in the rankings and recruiting will have to be a serious priority in the near future.

Both casual and serious crunchers are always welcome.. even a rather outdated PC can contribute to our cause. I still keep some old clunkers running 24/7 on BOINC projects in spite of the heat generated and electricity used for a few extra credits per day. So, don\'t ever believe that we won\'t take you seriously if all you can do is fire your old 500MHz Pentium II machine up on BOINC for half the day. There are several projects that run just fine on such a machine, and every credit counts.

We\'re more interested in the contributions we make to the sciences than we are in anything else, and the sense of community and family our small team can provide. Already in a big, top-ranked team? How about taking that old 700MHz Celeron box you\'ve been using for a doorstop most of last year, and putting it to work for us? Make another account on our GEEK Squad current projects, join our team with that account, and help us out a little. I don\'t think your other team will ostracize you or take you off their Xmas card list.

For new visitors looking for a team, let me say that there are advantages to the big and small teams, alike. It\'s more important that you get involved than which team you choose. Just know that you\'re always welcome here, regardless of which team you choose to join.

Distributed Computing is a rather rewarding hobby that lets you do something good for humanity without really doing much work, or spending a bunch of money. Of course, some of us do that, too... building cruncher farms with many CPU\'s warming up the house in the winter (and killing us trying to keep it cool in the summer) but only the truly dedicated need to go to all that trouble. We\'re glad to get casual crunchers on the team, because every contribution counts and is appreciated.
7) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 8) (Message 4873)
Posted 4194 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu
... my reticence.

PS: and stop making us hillbillies look up words in the dictionary! ;-)
8) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 8) (Message 4872)
Posted 4194 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu

Right now I\'m crunching one at 60% after 30:49:59, remaining time 44:53:29 and rising. It\'s OK.

OK, Thanx for the info. It\'s at 29hrs and showing 6hrs left this morning so it\'s making progress.

The WU also looks like it\'s still \"creditable\" if no one else errors it out.

Took 100K sec i.e. ~28h on Core Duo

Each core at 1.86GHz? Should be roughly close then.


EDIT: Oooopppps wrong machine.. the WU I originally used as an example is now at 26:14 and 11:11 remaining... I\'ll TRY to ignore that remaining time ;-)
9) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 8) (Message 4864)
Posted 4195 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu
I\'ve got some really long WUs on a couple machines. I\'m hoping someone can tell me if I\'m just warmin\' my computer shed or if this thing is really working:

The hardware & OS:
On a Sempron 64 3100 (Palermo) clocked at 2.54GHz in a ePox mobo using an nForce3 250gb chipset, with a single 512MB stick of memory running at DDR562, 10GB HDD, some old used PSU and Win XP Pro on it. It\'s a dedicated BOINC cruncher with nothing else running on it. It\'s been runnning 9 or more active projects since late March w/o problems.

11/28/2006 8:06:51 AM|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Restarting task 1a9d6387-6dd8-4e3d-a31c-ae75a2daaf6d_c8b0f653-0c67-4181-a234-8f46999656d3_2000_5 using search version 202

It\'s at 60% with 24:37:33 CPU time and 10:32:37 remaining!

The original estimated to complete time was 04:19:09.

Is it time to give up on this WU or burn another 10 hours of CPU?
10) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s POD (page 8) (Message 4863)
Posted 4195 days ago by Profile Skip Da Shu
Curiousity has finally overcome my reticence.

1. How is SZTAKI pronounced?


Adam pointed me, in a old message on here, to someplace where I was able to make an attempt at it. I don\'t recall it all now but I\'ll take a shot and Adam can bail me out... SHT + AW + KEY but the \"AW\" is more like the \"o\" in the word \"hot\" WHEN a brit says it.

EDIT: Well now I see someone has already given a good answer. It also sounds like they know what they are talking about... and I can\'t delete this :-(

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