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Posted 4267 days ago by KWSN - A Shrubbery

Hmmm. Not a promising start. Allowed New Work on two PCs again, immediately got two 1000 line WUs...

New WUs, there are, that\'s true. However, I coulnd\'t cancel those WUs, at least one result of which has already being processed by someone. Other results for this given WU are still in the system waiting to be downloaded and processed. I can\'t do anything about this, boinc does not have a feature for this (hope it will have in the future, though :-)

So, most probably your machine will still receive some longer WUs, but don\'t be affraid: If the status sticks in place for a longer time (about 2 hours), you should cancel those, and with time, these results will fade away and only short ones will remain. At which point I\'ll manually comb through the already returned results and grant credits if necessary!

How about granting some credits for these WU that we had tying up our systems for extreme times.

I spent well over a week on hoping it might squeak in under the deadline. It just got slower and slower till I had to abort it.
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Posted 4275 days ago by KWSN - A Shrubbery
I\'m letting mine crunch on until it errors out or finishes, just not sure if it\'s going to make the deadline or not. It will be very close at the least.

The other two computer with that WU appear to be crunching on as well since none of them have returned yet (even with an error). Here\'s hoping.

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