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1) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : How?s about credit??? (Message 1239)
Posted 4545 days ago by JaiL
Now i have 4 finished WUs and got only 0.01 credits... That´s not much! ;-) Is this normal?

It seems they\'ve once again problems with granting a credit. For a WU there are 3 finished results. Two of them got credit, while the third (mine) received 0. I wonder whenevever Adam has noticed this. 0.01 is not a big number, maybe your WU has finished just after it started.

I sent two results, but did not get any credit! Why is this?

For your other case (no credit for a WU), on BOINC 4 the project was configured to wait until 3 client returns the result and to grant the avarage(?) or whatever of the claimed credits.
2) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : WU not being resent when deadline missed? (Message 915)
Posted 4620 days ago by JaiL
Congratulations Bill!

You have correctly translated it
3) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : Project Update (Message 908)
Posted 4624 days ago by JaiL
<i> (actually, the thing that drained my lust for the translation is that when I asked your help noone voluntiered, the meaning of which for me is that translation is not even so important for any of you...) </i>

I can't speak about others, but I've failed to volunteer because of the short deadline. Believe or not these days I was pretty busy at my work. The funny thing is that I was migrating our ERP solution and I can say for sure <b> it was not a FUN. </b>. After that I thought that everything is OK as I saw more and more English text appearing on the site.

If there is a need I could give a try to translate a page or too (I believe in the following month-two could find a small amount of time to help to translate the site).
4) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Evaluation of the 10. dimension (Message 798)
Posted 4647 days ago by JaiL
<i> Seems we have found our Slavic translator!

JaiL, do you have some time on your hands for other translations on this site? </i>

Why not? Always could find a couple of moments to translate parts of the text. Except for the math part. It was long ago when I at last passed my last exam from math, and it was on Serbian. (Actually the linear algebra was the most terrifying exam - skipped a year because of it)
5) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Evaluation of the 10. dimension (Message 797)
Posted 4647 days ago by JaiL
<i> Wow, JaiL! According to that You are not Hungarian, Your translation is perfect. </i>

Yep, living in Serbia.
6) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Evaluation of the 10. dimension (Message 784)
Posted 4649 days ago by JaiL
Here is my transaltion, not exactly word by word, but you should understood the most interesting parts. Let's hope the official translation by the project will follow this soon.

<b> A 10. dimenzió eredményei: </b>

The results of 10. dimension

<b>A 10. dimenzió feldolgozása mintegy 90 ezer db mátrix feldolgozását jelentette, melyekből összesen 383 db bizonyult további vizsgálatra érdemesnek a projekt szempontjából. </b>

The processing of the dimension 10 included about 90 thousands matrices; from those matrices 383 is interesting for further research.

<b> A három legigéretesebb mátrixot az alábbi felhasználók számítógépei találták: </b>

The 3 most interesting matrices were returned by the following users

<b>A 10. dimenzió feldolgozása során eredményt találtak az alábbi felhasználók számítógépei: </b>

During the 10. dimension the following users has found interesting matrices.

<b>Teljesítmény grafikonok: Hamarosan... </b>

Performance graphics soon

7) Message boards : DesktopGrid Kávézó : TEAM RECRUITMENT THREAD (Message 757)
Posted 4653 days ago by JaiL
The structor of the pages is same as on other projects. However here is a brief translator what you have to do if you want to create a new team.

To create a team on the main page you should choose link 'Csapatok'

Than 'Csapat létrehozása'.

'Csapat név, szöveges verzió' text version of the team name = 'MacAddict'

'Csapat név, HTML verzió' here you can use html tags

'A csapat opcionális honlapjának URL-je' home page

'Csapat leírása' - team description

'Csapat típusa' - Más = other
Cég = company
Elemi iskola = elementary school
Középiskola = high school
FÅ‘iskola = college
Egyetem vagy intézet = university or institution
Kormányzati hivatal = governmental office (or whatever)

Ország = country

Hop it helped
8) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : Adam, thank you for notification e-mail (Message 722)
Posted 4658 days ago by JaiL
One canidate less if you receive any spam. I doubt that any spammer would donate its CPU time to solve a math problem.

By the way I didn't received any mail.
9) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : 0 credits because of too many total results (Message 703)
Posted 4661 days ago by JaiL
Adam please let us know when you will finish the update of these problematic WUs. I still have a WU with 0 credits approved.

It's interesting the WU is 1478 and I've received: Munka csomag hiba - ellenőrzés kihagyva.

Just for those who don't speak hungarian the translation would be something like this: WU error - validation has been skipped.
10) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : So, what happened? (Message 696)
Posted 4662 days ago by JaiL
Adam, next time please inform us in advance if you will kill the WU production (or any other changes). As you can see we all hate when there is no information about what's going on.

Thank you.

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