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1) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : Problem with WU upload (Message 113)
Posted 4697 days ago by Sinalina
14.07.2005 10:20:55|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Started upload of 063d992a-3f85-4f26-ae13-77ffb2d1b525_0_0
14.07.2005 10:20:57|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Error on file upload: can't open file /home/szdg/projects/szdg/upload/86/063d992a-3f85-4f26-ae13-77ffb2d1b525_0_0: Permission denied
14.07.2005 10:20:57|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Temporarily failed upload of 063d992a-3f85-4f26-ae13-77ffb2d1b525_0_0: -127
14.07.2005 10:20:57|SZTAKI Desktop Grid|Backing off 1 minutes and 0 seconds on upload of file 063d992a-3f85-4f26-ae13-77ffb2d1b525_0_0

Me to!

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