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11) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : New applications 2.0 /2.03 online - Feedback (Message 3416)
Posted 4364 days ago by Hans Sveen
Most of the errors seems to be my fault. Sorry! I\'ve set the max filesize too low. You can cancel all WUs and I\'ll recreate them...

Thank You for informing us!

I did a little error when I cancelled the remaining wu\'s, instead of abort them, I just resetted the project, so You have to wait untill the 10th before mine will be sent back! Any thing I can do to help to restart the project / release the wu connected to my account?

Thank You !

12) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s BLOG (page 4) (Message 2315)
Posted 4469 days ago by Hans Sveen
....Until than a little gadget for you: the new navbar, as Nightbird has requested a while ago...

A little gadget \"grin\" but i would say about it \"pretty practical\" ;)

thanks, Adam :)

I agree on that one, very nice lay out!

A coupple of questions:
Is the new application compatible with the results given by the previous one, in other words, keep on with vers.1.01(on win) and vers.1.02(on linux) or shall we all reset the project?

How about the result on the 11 dimention, You said something about give users who did find some interesting result will be published?
Look forward to learn just a little bit more from the outcome!

Ones more, Thank You again Adam for You patience and giving us good answers on different problems along the way!

13) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : Not only complains the last couple of days! (Message 2015)
Posted 4495 days ago by Hans Sveen
Hello to all participants!

We can congratulate each other, we have broken the 1 Teraflop/s limit even with the latest big wu\'s and a lot of cancelled work!
Keep up the good work!

With regards,

14) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : (Message 1678)
Posted 4512 days ago by Hans Sveen
It is offical, this project is in
production according to the main site of!
Congratulation, after all the problems this couple
of mounths.

15) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : Daily quota problem (Message 1600)
Posted 4522 days ago by Hans Sveen
As far as I can tell work is flowing again ! It also seems that my three pc has got their full quota back an no venue problems in my boinc messages.

Thanks to the team , and happy back at working on the wu\'s!!

Greatings from Norway!

To happy to early &:(

host 8025 got credit and then the host venue message reappered, but the other two with still pending credit got no host venue problems !

16) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Ad@m\'s BLOG (page 2) (Message 1285)
Posted 4572 days ago by Hans Sveen
Seems like the latest wu\'s I have received will last for about an hour, so everything(almost,see my note further down this message!). Seems like the sorting of the dim 11 wu\'s work!
Thank You again Adam , this short wu\'s were a smart move!

Just a couple of minor \"bugs\"; 1st one, the addons link don\'t work neither on the english or hungarian site. The second one is that the FAQ on the English site still is in Hungarian! The last one is that on the Hungarian site the Rules and Policies is in English.

Thank again for a very nice and easy GUI, keep up the good work.

Long live applied mathematics with some help of Boinc!

17) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : 5.22 at last?? (Message 1192)
Posted 4574 days ago by Hans Sveen
Thanks to Adam for the very niceb and complete redisign of the sztaki site; looks marvelous and the translation can\'t keep anbody out now, just join and start crunching at full speed! Sorry for being impatient; i know that science go first!
Have just uploaded my first wu in about 3 weeks, glad to be back on track with my 2 humble pc\'s!!
Once more to Adam , thank You again. Keep up the good work !
Have to let my 2 pc\'s work as hard as possible to catch up again!!

None problems so far, even BBCode works, edited my signature some weeks ago, just to be ready when the upgrade to server 5.2x was ready, and now it is!!

18) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : 5.22 at last?? (Message 984)
Posted 4619 days ago by Hans Sveen
Only the webserver is working, all other is taken down, maybe forbinstalling new server programmes!!!??

See you all tomorrow, sleep well!!

19) Message boards : SZTAKI Desktop Grid : Can 5.1.x clients connect? (Message 982)
Posted 4620 days ago by Hans Sveen
Hi everyone!
Hope it will happen soon, LHC has started the upgrade today, so I hope my favourite project will be at it early this week!!

See You very soon at 5.xx!!!
20) Message boards : Észrevételek, tapasztalatok : problem with new WU(130% done and running!) (Message 560)
Posted 4699 days ago by Hans Sveen
I have one wu which has gone up to 120%, wuid 1898!
I just aborted it and wait for a new and fresh wu!

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