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Nov 25, 2013, 16:00 GMT
We are planning to migrate our database to another server on Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013. This will cause an outage in our service between 9:00 and 16:00 UTC. Thank you for your patience.

Nov 19, 2013, 12:00 GMT
We are happy to announce that we have a new application to run. The workunits of the new application will be available during this week.

Mar 25, 2013, 16:41 GMT
We are going to update our server tomorrow. From noon until about 8pm tomorrow you might experience problems with our service. Thank you for understanding.

Apr 13, 2012, 14:19 GMT
We had some technical issues in the last few hours. Everything is solved by now without any data loss. Thank you for understanding.

Sep 12, 2011, 16:51 GMT
We are happy to announce that we have a new application to run. The workunits of the new KOPI application will be available during this week.

Mar 18, 2011, 14:30 GMT
There will be a one day downtime in the middle of next week because of a server upgrade. Thank you for understanding!

Dec 15, 2010, 11:30 GMT
The SZDGR (SZDG Research Facility project will be closed. We want to thank the help of the participants! The project will reopen later, we will let you know the details.

Aug 02, 2010, 14:30 GMT
We had a power failure today morning, but for now everything is already back and working again!

Apr 18, 2010, 13:30 GMT
We had some unexpected problem in the system yesterday. We are sorry for the downtime!

Mar 08, 2010, 15:30 GMT
The site's downtime was caused by hardware issues again during this weekend. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Feb 08, 2010, 10:00 GMT
The site's downtime was caused by hardware issues during the weekend. We might have some more troubles in the next few days. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Jan 10, 2010, 14:00 GMT
The IBM East Europe / Asia Ltd. has expressed its appreciation to the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems for their significant contribution in the introducing of the HPC-Grid system in Kazakhstan which is built on the SZTAKI P-GRADE Grid Portal, the systems of Desktop Grid and on the IBM\'s High Performance Cluster.

Dec 24, 2009, 12:00 GMT
The SZTAKI Desktop Grid team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Dec 7, 2009, 12:00 GMT
The server has been upgraded with the official Debian BOINC server package.

Oct 10, 2009.
The server is being moved to a new hardware and the server software is being updated as well. Smaller and longer outages might happen during the week.

July 20, 2009.
Due to an unscheduled maintenance, server will be stopped today. Thanks for your patience...

May 13, 2009.
Maintenance is over, thank you for your patience!

May 13, 2009.
Due to a bigger maintenance, the server may be stopped today for longer periods.

Apr 02, 2009.
The 32-bit versions of the Windows applications have been registered as 64-bit versions as well, until the native 64-bit compilations get ready.

Mar 04, 2009.
Binaries of the physics application for the Apple 32-bit and 64-bit Intel platforms are available.

Feb 26, 2009.
New workunits for the physical application are available for the 32-bit Linux and Windows platforms. Binaries for the other platforms will soon be available.

Dec 31, 2008.
The SZTAKI Desktop Grid team wishes a Happy New Year to all fellow users!

Dec 24, 2008.
The SZTAKI Desktop Grid team wishes a Merry Christmas to all fellow users!

Dec 17, 2008.
The workunits of the 13th dimension with a constant element of two have all been sent out, so we are about to begin the processing of the 14th dimension with a constant element of three first.

Dec 16, 2008.
Processing of the 13th dimension with a constant element of three is coming to an end, the final workunits have been already sent out. Thank you for all supporters for this pleasant Christmas gift. As a reward, we have begun to serve the workunits of the 13th dimension with a constant element of two. These workunits are shorter and make a great opportunity for some quick credit hunting. The credit entry of the previous message has not been forgot and will be administered soon.

Nov 12, 2008
The descriptors of the workunits that are currently being processed have been lost during the maintenance. We kindly ask to abort any workunits that has been downloaded before the 12th of november. New workunits, with extended report deadline and shorter processing times will be available soon. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Users who are involved in the problem will be granted credit for their work.

Nov 11, 2008
Longer stop due to maintenance.

Sep 28, 2008
The database has been successfully moved to the new location. We welcome this event with a new logo design, that features a 7-word sentence hidden in it. Feel free to contact us with the solution.

Sep 19, 2008
We are moving the database to a new server next week, so longer outages may occur. Thank you for your patience. Due to this moving the server accessibility will hopefully greatly improve.

Sep 10, 2008
Work units of the 13th dimension has been harder to get in the past few days, due to the increased interest.

Sep 01, 2008
Work units of the 13th dimension get delayed with two days.

Aug 29, 2008
On monday, the 1st of September David P. Anderson, the lead designer of BOINC will give a public presentation with the title: Celebrating Diversity in Volunteer Computing, in the basement auditorium at the Kende street building of MTA-SZTAKI. All interested are welcome!

Aug 18, 2008
The last workunits of the 12th dimension has been already sent out today. On the weekend there will be a bigger maintenance to prepare for the launch of the 13th dimension next week.

May 23, 2008
A short outage is scheduled due to server maintenance.

Jan 20, 2008
Conference Announcement:
Debrecen, Hungary
September 3-5, 2008

Featured Topic: Desktop grid computing
Keynote speaker: David P. Anderson
Do not hesitate to forward your questions to this address.

Dec 24, 2007
Merry christmas and a happy new year to all fellow users!

Nov 24, 2007
The staff of SZTAKI Desktop Grid distances themselves from any forms of spam. We hereby state, that we don't send unsolicited email to our users. In case you still receive such emails, please forward them to this address.

Oct 16, 2007
Las server maintenance before new work release in progress.

Oct 01, 2007
The new database server is being delayed, yet again. Reasons here. New workunits will be available in one or two days.

Sep 18, 2007
Server maintenance is successfully completed. The validator bug has been eliminated and the credits that has been pending due to the validator bug has been granted. New workunits will be available later today.

Sep 18, 2007
Server maintenance in progress, before releasing new workunits.

Sep 14, 2007
New workunits will be availabe in the first half of next week, due to the testing of the validator daemon.

Sep 12, 2007
We seek volunteers for our new test facility. More information here.

Jul 16, 2007
SZTAKI Desktop Grid has a new logo in the simple view of the BOINC client (v5.8+).

Jul 16, 2007
Server upgraded to version 5.11

Jul 02, 2007
Database maintenance in progress.

May 21, 2007
New workunits will be available soon.

May 03, 2007
We are working on the 'no work from project' problem...smaller outages may occur.

Apr 28, 2007
Discrepancies of the credit registries have been equalized.

Apr 23, 2007
We apologize for the outage during the weekend caused by a hardware failure.

Apr 17, 2007
Validation and credit granting in progress...

Mar 29, 2007
New application version for the windows and i686-apple paltforms brings an increase in processing speed. Linux and powerpc-apple versions are coming this weekend.

Feb 28, 2007
Server upgrade is successfully finished! If you have any remarks on the upgrade, please use the forum!

Feb 27, 2007
Due to server software upgrade a longer shutdown is coming... !

Feb 27, 2007
Database backup before server upgrade is in progress!

Feb 12, 2007
SZTAKI Desktop Grid is providing BOINC helper service via the szdg_helpline Skype account in English and in Hungarian!

Dec 26, 2006
The staff of SZTAKI Desktop Grid wishes a merry christmas and a happy new year to all fellow users!

Dec 05, 2006
The maximum number of false, total and success results has been increased to 10, 20, 10.

Dec 05, 2006
Claimed, but not yet granted credits have been granted.

Dec 05, 2006
Version 2.04 for windows platform is identical to version 2.02, it only corrects a false filename.

Nov 20, 2006
Version 2.02 for windows platform has been released to solve the problem of AMD machines.

Oct 16, 2006
New version 2.01 for windows platform.

Sep 25, 2006
Forum is waiting for visitors with a redesigned face.

Sep 14, 2006
Server maintence completed, new WUs are waiting to be crunched

Sep 14, 2006
Server maintence in progress...

Sep 08, 2006
Validator is running to allow reporting of finished work.

Sep 07, 2006
Server stopped till sept. 11. If you have WUs close to finish, return them by sunday. On monday the old WUs will be ereased from the database and new WUs will be generated.

Aug 16, 2006
New shorter WUs have been generated. However, the longer WUs that are already being processed can be cancelled.

Aug 07, 2006
The unsent WUs has been cancelled, as soon as the 13000 Wus under crunching has been returned new, shorter WUs will be generated.

Aug 01, 2006
New linux version (2.03) has been installed to overcome the problems around the linux platform. Resume computation, please!

Jul 18, 2006
To help developers to make BOINC a better software, please fill this poll! Thank you!

Jul 17, 2006
SZATKI Desktop Grid is 1 year old! Happy Birthday, to all our fellow participants!

Jul 14, 2006
Report deadline of the WUs has been extended to 1 month. This also applies to WUs that has already been sent out. However, BOINC client can't take this extension into account, but the server will accept them even if the client says it's over deadline.

Jul 12, 2006
Disk capacity problems are delaying the release of new WUs till today evening.

Jul 10, 2006
Claimed credits for the results of last week's test run has been granted. After the maintence of the server new WUs will be available for download.

Jul 06, 2006
Due to a Workunit configuration fault, most of the current WUs will have errors while uploading to the server. We kindly ask to cancel the current WUs, so we can release them again with correct settings.

Jul 05, 2006
With the optimization of the code of the new algorithm the processing has become gradually faster. Further optimizations soon.

Jul 05, 2006
Serch 2.0 has been released. The new algorithm is capable to process bigger matricies. For changes in program behaviour read FAQ

Jul 03, 2006
The release of the new WUs is being delayed till tomorrow, because of a newly discovered bug of the checkpoint mechanism. The bug is solved, it just needs a little more testing.

Jun 29, 2006
After checking the current short WUs, new longer WUs will be released tomorrow.

Jun 28, 2006
The new algorithm utilizes heavy compiler optimization, code-level optimization is coming in a week.

Jun 28, 2006
New workunits are waiting to be processed with the new algorithm. Mac and Sun versions coming soon.

Jun 27, 2006
Due to administrational overhead the new WUs will be available early tomorrow.

Jun 26, 2006
New workunits will be available tomorrow.

Jun 23, 2006
The test of the new algorithm has been delayed due to unpredictable factors. New workunits will be available early next week.

Jun 21, 2006
The staff of SZDG is currently working on the new alogrithm, which will allow us to process new dimensions. Until the release of this, no Wokunits will be available.

Jun 17, 2006
Project will be down for maintenance from 16:30 to 18:30 CET.

Jun 14, 2006
Due to a fixed bug in the BOINC scheduler the actual number of hosts shown on the homepage is accurate from now on.

Jun 06, 2006
MTA SZTAKI takes no responsibility for applications that haven't been approved by the project.

May 05, 2006
Presentations on SZTAKI Desktop Grid at the annual Networkshop conference are available here and here

Apr 27, 2006
The staff of SZTAKI Desktop Grid thanks for Ananas for creating the icon of the homepage.

Apr 26, 2006
Maintence scheduled for this week has been finished. Further maintence is scheduled for next week.

Apr 24, 2006
The server maintence scheduled for today has been delayed for the 25. of april.

Apr 20, 2006
SZTAKI Desktop Grid has successfully been presented on the annual conference of Networkshop at Miskolc, Hungary.

Apr 19, 2006
On the 24th of April outages are to be expected due to server maintence in the afternoon.

Apr 13, 2006
The WU generator and assimilator program is running as a project daemon from now on. The result of which is constant WU supply.

Mar 08, 2006
The upgrade of the database has succesfully been accomplished. New Workunits are waiting to be crunched.

Mar 07, 2006
A bit longer shutdown is about to take place because of database upgrade.

Feb 27, 2006
SZTAKI Desktop Grid has successfully torn down the eager barriers of 1 TERAFlop/s. Congratulations and a big 'Thank you' to all of our fellow donors.

Feb 23, 2006
The processing of the 12th dimension has begun. As there is such an exponential jump between the 11th and the 12th dimension, we only process a tiny little part of the given intervals until the development of an optimized program for the 12th dimension is finished (1-2 weeks).

Feb 23, 2006
The evaluation of the procession of 11. dimension is ready. Details can be found here. The list of users, whose machines have found valuable results will be published soon.

Feb 16, 2006
The support for Solaris is now in beta-testing phase. All clients with Solaris OS are warmly welcome!

Feb 09, 2006
SZTAKI Desktop Grid is now officially listed on the Boinc Homepage!

Feb 08, 2006
The venue problem seems to be solved. We kindly ask all of our users to check on the client and report in the forum if anything unusual is noticed

Jan 03, 2006
We are facing a little problem with the WU supply, we are working on it right now, new WUs'll be available soon...

Jan 01, 2006
Happy new year!!!

Dec 24, 2005
The SZTAKI Desktop Grid staff wishes all users a joyful merry christmas!

Dec 12, 2005
In case you don't understand Hungarian SZTAKI Dictionary can help you

Dec 08, 2005
The server of SZTAKI Desktop Grid has been successfully upgraded to version 5.

Dec 02, 2005
The upgrade to 5.x is about to happen early next week. Probably there won't be new work for the weekend.

2005. nov. 11.
Ok, translation is late, so the update is delayed next week, sorry.

2005. oct. 27.
Sztaki Desktop Grid has started the upgrading to 5.x, which has been delayed by burocracy, but we'll be up and running soon. Please check back frequently for we are going to open for 5.x clients soon.

2005. sep. 08.
From now on you can view the performance of SZTAKI Desktop Grid here. Translation will be available soon, but up til than the graphs go from top to down: Last weeks performance, Last 48 hours performance, Number of Hosts, Number of Users

2005. aug. 30.
Good news for our international users that the translation of the webpages has begun. The pages will transform dinamically from now on.

2005. aug. 28.
During the processing of the 10. dimension valuable matrices have been found by the following users:

Steev, Farkas Zoltán, MasterZocker, wckesq, jde, Remember911, MHosek, Milford, Robert Hedberg, Slamsani, Drótos Dániel, Wayne Stanford, atesz, Richard Grotkier II, sumo, jose, GPV, realtec, groucho, [AF>France>Est>Alsace] pH!Lm067, JudyTheDog, algee2004, SenrabYar, Lewis Edwards, Team Aqua, Skysonar, UBT - Timbo, Keith Stanley, Arlan, RicketyCat, macarpi, Hanns KK, Rui Bastos, maquejp, Ageless, Hickory Explorer, milda, Hans Sveen, Diablos, Vid Vidmar, ANOKIUS, Maky, Szatmáry_Dániel, Masa, schmitzbauer, bguder, Gallego, Skip Da Shu, s@nl peter harder, hhautala, Doc_PLCMD, Oliver & Jaszka, Winkiller, Greyhound2696, TheGummer, Phil Bordelon, Witchkraft, Hartmut Kemnitz, Boersenforum, Eliot Meadow, SMacB, PeterHallgarten, vfrey, Pablo, [AF>France] intello222222, Travis Tuck, cegoth, Laci, Bruno G. Olsen & ESEA @ greenholt, Maximilian, whitefrog, shado_jaguar, LadyHawk_A321, John S. Medina, Thorvin, JimiSack, Bucy, Slawa, Tycoon55023, CyB, Martin Toepfl, [BOINCstats] Willy, Atila Hunnicutt Cortada, Antares, BamBam, ric, Scheuch, ftsgr, Brian Stansbury, Gianni Montefiori, Heinz Saatz, skelly, David Roel, Nasicus, Andrew Waddington, chad007, Phoebe Tang, mensonen, Mohaci Robert, [ Maverick ], frost, leeyk725, ChipCrusher, ifg@work, Halasz Adam, Lehel, willi_p, Gonozal, [AF>France>Est>Lorraine] yannva, DISCOMgsvr, Empty_5oul, Ville Rantanen, Malzusrex, laluna, bjacke, Daev, treepwood99, Kapros, GercoG, Thomas Mitchell, NEBOJSA, Gustavo, [AF>Amis de la mer>BZH]Bichou, Misi, friedi_s, nemesis, Herbert Jaschke, Miko, Husky, 6TeacheR, Lovas Gaspar, Crashoveride, DoNkEyDiCk, Ledo, Petr Petrovic, LCMic, makaveli001, Terror, Dru, maverick_i, Andrew, Kranio, Ich, webby2010, EDillio, takeme, Grunge, =Lupus=, Giorgio, MJmac, SoneecHUN, NimdaCinatas, Manic Preacher, MikeSW17, Eldio, nicolasjeremy, George Gowland, [AF>France]daniel, Ashish Vora, Godelboard, stardust, Zain Upton, Vago Csaba, Andrey Gorchivkin, BowersNet, dainenyu, Tangent, Gosia, bercant, reignman, HollyXYZ, msew, Alan J. Simpson, Chinook, belem, DB, Mike Renner, Sinalina, tiker, iimotion, florians, Jiri Kuchta, Amaldicolobo, Webhosting, dano, Joe, Stone, Henrik, MZimmer275, zardai, Dick Duggan, [AF>France>Sale-caractere]Bobishere, Yakityak, Raimund Barbeln, Laotan, FukusukeMix, kinhull, Jason L. Allerdings, Schneiderlein, [AF>Est>Lorraine>Vosges] Bolchoi, Pavli, Peet, joe, octagon, Level Stake Profit, xaskah, Zappattazz, Nemeth Csaba, Olivier, Brozilla, FZB, MariahCarey, JAKA24, Gimmer, vsandre, kajunfisher, Rebirther, Pavel Zhauryd, Stanley A Bourdon, surfzone, Boliver, Darkness Productions, NarciarzR, tinkerbell, Jina Corona, bwhite, Martin, Independence, Kahlo, Mick_Hawk, Joey Lau, John Schafer, Mahray, illusi0n, DmitryDolganov, Sven Giese, Snoopy19680, Vizi81, WTBroughton, Lupine1647, Kimberly S. Barkley, Bones, Jack Bas, Stonina, Vandor, Contact, Ice-X79, Julian Ellis, DAXL, DPRGI - Mauro Mazzini, aates, Szalai Zsolt, Ragoe, svenni96, Captain Avatar, Karsten Telling Nielsen, szyl, IDCP, FJaccard, AMDave, RG Studio, Markus, ManiacD, PoorBoy, computerguy09, mt, Jhazor, fasix, [AF>Amis de la mer>Franche-Comte]_Blancar, Nikolay A. Saharov, Andreas Niemann, John Greer, jeffws1, Corvus, NegraBytes, Darren, Peter M. Nielsen, Severin Heiniger, Michael,, peRRoK, shenmue [Valencia], arona40, Thierry Drumel, JiTi, Scotie, Dingo, David Thompson, Exatel S.A., Kalmár-Nagy József, Dabolczi,, Inachis, Alex Plantema, Alchemik, grobie, Michael Stoeter, PhilippeCM, bordas, [AF>France>Astro]Mandrake, TrekkyLeaper, SzaMa, viper, adamo, Ikasamah, Martin Otis, daburna, aditab, Nightbird, JT_CZ, EPG, Carlos G P, Beerknurd, Jotti, christian barrett, Nietoperek, Chris & Sharon, Darrell, Tomas, Shaof, computernay, Pgabor, Henri Valta, Robert Nelson, makedon, shadow36, Fabrício Barcellos Aguirre, Blizzard, John McLeod VII, Neil Woodvine, [SFX] gD, Link, Vladimir Bugdol, UBT - Andrea, MJD1964, Colin Buchanan (Edinburgh), abdul karim chisthi, cobyfischer, philou.canaillou, foolish, kuni, deboss, Steven Purvis, JaiL, steg, DiegoDog, Kenneth Larsen, Pawuk, robo, Stomp, KEP, koerni, JohnB175, Truck Target, Hermes, Antonio Pelegrino, Doris and Jens, [EU>TL>HS>Sale-caractere]phipamadia

2005. aug. 16.
Reconsidering the performance counter, we have decided to measure the performance of the last 48 hours for the better comparision with other systems.

2005. aug. 15.
You can now check the cumulative performance - measured in gigaFLOP/s - of the computers of SZTAKI Desktop Grid on the homepage. The value is refreshed constantly based on the results of the current day.

2005. aug. 11.
The new WUs - concerning the average based credit granting system - are ready to be downloaded. Those users, who had WUs under crunching yesterday have been granted 20 credits. Additionally, we had the deadline of the WUs rasied to 4 days.

2005. aug. 10.
In favour of the fair-minded credit granting system the WUs - that are currently under crunching - are about to be cancelled during the day (credits will be granted for those who are concerned and will be notified in email).

2005. aug. 02.
Processing of the 11. dimension has been started officially. At the same time we've started to evaluate the results of the 10. dimension. Later on we'll provide detailed information of the results. The name of those, whose computer has found valuable informations will be featured on the hompage soon.

2005. aug. 01.
We have finished the installing of the new application and the new server. Right now we are processing the test WUs and as soon as they arrive back (small WUs, will be back tonight) we'll start serving 11 dimension.

2005. aug. 01.
Applying the 11. dimension is in progress. However, since we not only change the inputs, but also install a new appliaction and a new server, cosidering safety aspects we've decided to release a small test WU pakage. This pakage contains small, fast WUs and of course credit will be also granted for them.

2005. aug. 01.
Because of the applying of the new dimension a few server outages are to be taken into account during the day.

2005. jul. 30. Határidő! / Deadline!
The deadline for returning the 400 WUs that are still out there is 07.31. sunday midnight. We'll start with 11 dimension on the 1st of August.

2005. jul. 26. Fontos! / Important!
All the workunits contaning 10 dimension matrices has been sent out. As soon as all the 10 dimension WUs arrive back, we'll start processing the 11 dimension matrices. Much more work is about to come! We kindly ask everybody to run the current WUs of SZTAKI Desktop Grid with priority, casue we won't be able to provide the new WUs until all of the current WUs have arrived back.

2005. jul. 21.
SZTAKI Desktop Grid a EnterTheGrid-Primeur holland szakmai lap oldalán!

2005. jul. 20.
Three weeks since SZTAKI Desktop Grid is up and running and have crossed the magical 1000 number in the means of connected computers!

2005. jul. 14.
New workunits are waiting to be crunched!

2005. jul. 14.
If your client reports 0 CPU-time after a work has been done, your client version is probably too old. Use at least 4.35 version of the client.

2005. jul. 14.
You can check the WUs that are out with the clients at the very bottom of this page.

2005. jul. 13.
Credit informations have been restored, we kindly ask everybody to check
his/her credit and send a mail to (kadam at if something is wrong.

2005. jul. 12.
Welcome back everyone!

2005. jul. 12.
SZTAKI Desktop Grid is Up & Running again with full service :-). Welcome back!

2005. jul. 12.
Good news for international users that description about SZTAKI Desktop Grid's
current research area is now available here.

2005. jul. 11.
As you can see the restoration works hasn't been finished yet, we are still working on the user informations.
Until it is finished new user creation is disabled, to avoid duplicate entries. Thanks for your patience.

2005. jul. 11.
Due to a hardware failure the user informations of SZTAKI Desktop Grid has been lost.
We kindly ask the users to register again and connect to the project once more. We apologise for the inconvinience.

2005. jun. 30.
Friss csapattagoknak:
a csapattagok listában csak akkor jelentek meg, ha már van kreditetek
(amig nincs, addig ugyanis a csapat nem tud belőletek profitálni :-).

2005. jun. 28.
A kliens program alapértelemzett módban mindig fut a háttérben.
Ahhoz, hogy személyes beállításaid szerint fusson válaszd a Windows.
tálcán lévő Boinc ikonra jobb egérkattintásra előugró menüből a
Beállítások szerint fut parancsot.

2005. jun. 24.
Elindult az üzenőtábla rendszer.
Mától lehet kérdezni, válaszolni, felkiáltani,
óhajtani, hozzászólni, panaszkodni, sírni a
DesktopGridhez és a

2005. jun. 21.
Beindult a nap felhasználója rendszer.
Ha szeretnél te is nap felhasználója lenni, nem kell mást tenned,
mint létrehoznod egy személyes profilt.

2005. jun. 11.
UNIX alatt NSF-el megosztott könyvtárból
több klienst elindítva problémák merülhetnek fel.
Dolgozunk a megoldáson.

2005. jun. 11.
A projekttel kapcsolatos észrevételeiteket küldjétek a e-mail címre.

2005. may. 30.
Mielőtt még valaki kihívná a tűzszerészeket, a BOINC jelentése
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

2005. may. 28.
''És lesz aki tudja mire való...a 424-es csatahajó''...
SZTAKI Desktop Grid

2005. may. 27.
''A tízezer mérföldes utazás is egyetlen lépéssel kezdődik...''

2005. may. 26.
SZTAKI Desktop Grid indulása

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