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Is just a mothers love, medicine

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Minus all meningitis views. The virus symptons were strong. Headache,burning sore throat and fever. Just what exactly does any normal mother do when their offspring takes sick. They smother her or him with a great deal of TLC and would walk-to the ends of the earth merely to get rid of the pain and suffering. Click here wayexpert5 :: COLOURlovers to read the reason for this activity.

Is just a mother's love, medicine?

Despite all those maternal customs stated earlier. There was no change in my nine year old son's condition. Meningitis still so remote in my thoughts..The lucozade was poured out in pints to quench his thirst and a silk to change every moment to wipe his brow. I prayed more times to god than that of any pope for my son to pull out with this other world he had passed into.

A mother's love is more of the treatment than any cough medicines pills or drugs, and so I thought..

As I held him up-close within my hands rocking him straight back and too singing one of his true favorite songs.

Not really his favorite films might draw him out of this unfamiliar world he now belonged to

Was a mother's love? slowly killing her little boy.

Every mother's worst nightmare was to hit me with the inevitable happening. Purple like bruises started initially to look o-n his chest followed by the increasing loss of his speech.

With shaking hands I struggled to dial 999. Please god if your up there hear my prayers, let my little son achieve 10..

When the physician came he said he couldnt exclude meningitis. And therefore my little boy was rushed down within an ambulance at a pace that would have given Nigel Mansell a run for his money.

Thank god for flashing blue sirens.

In silence I prayed for god to provide me straight back my son.

The curtain may have been a brick wall that separated me and my little boy in the hospital. But he was in excellent hands I assured myself and that being the hands of god.

Before that curtain came swishing back-to have the doctor in his white coat appear before me It seemed like a whole life.

I gave him lucozade I wiped his forehead. I even placed on his favorite movies and covered him with the love I may provide. Where did I make a mistake doctor? You did nothing wrong was his reply.

Just to hear those phrases that there was no cause for alarm and that my little boy was likely to move through, gave me straight back all the strength that appeared to have cleared from my body while waiting for the results with this pain.

Meningitis symptons had a solid pres-ence the doctor said. It was a virus inside attempting to bust out.

As I hurried to my little children side like that of Niagra falls tears of joy flowed.

Holding him tight kissing and cuddling him like several normal mother could do. For a different way of interpreting this, consider having a view at:

I'd unfinished business to deal with and which was to thank the person himself up above for hearing my cry. Today to set up a ten year olds party. Visit here's the site to compare where to deal with it.

The physician greeted me and asked if he could say something before I left.

Yes obviously doctor?

A mother's love is very good medicine for comforting her kids

Nevertheless when it comes to recovering them. please call a health care provider.
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