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animal jam 90

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DescriptionThe competition by the developer on Steam today is not easy. Various AAA and indie games meet the most successful platform game sales in the PC every day. Nevertheless, the two men did not flinch developers and indie their first game to market on Steam. animal jam is a game created by Noio (Thomas Van der Berg) and Licorice (Marco Bancale), and to be a perfect example of the potential of a minimalist game. This game is a simulation and strategy game that puts you as king or queen, who has only just reached a new country. In the area tersebutlah you begin to build your empire. First played animal jam, are you a very simple tutorial are served. They are confused and have to try to do things in order to find out. I'm pretty sure that this is deliberately done by the developers, because most of the fun of this game to discover and find the functions of the various activities that you can do. Although categorized as a game of strategy, the number of things you can adjust in the game is very limited. Grob can only do three things: walking, running, or money to throw. Like the original world that is increasingly hedonic, money is everything in animal jam. Without money you can hardly do anything. You have to be people to recruit citizens to find tents in the forest. enough money to recruit throwing for them, then again with money to "shop" is in the kingdom of a variety of devices to make available as arrows and a hammer, so that residents can work. Every night the monsters appear on the portal, are located on either side of the kingdom. You need an archer and walls need to protect your kingdom. You can improve on the wall and throw markasmu with money again. Money can you get from archery hunting rabbits and deer from morning to evening. If you have reached a certain level, you can also recruit farmers will grow crops after you build farms. Roughly speaking, that's all you have to do in this game. Paying people to join your kingdom, so that they give a job, and slowly expand and strengthen the kingdom. Of course, as the day progresses, the monsters for the attack will be present are numerous and difficult. To be able to expand your kingdom, sometimes you have to get out of the walls of the animal jam codes for free membership and at the dangers that lurk often. Sometimes the monster out of the portal in the day, and you have to escape quickly. Note that this monster does not kill, but will steal your money. If you have no money, then the monster will drop the crown and steal it. And that's when you lose and everything to lose. Graphics and Sound Minimalism As can be seen from all the above screenshot, animal jam is a game that has graphic pixels. To be honest I'm not a person who likes the graphics in the style of these recommendations, especially since the rise of the indie studio that often use this style, because the presence of Minecraft. Also look like animal jam still beautiful and very pleasing to the eye, even if for me. The background music is in animal jam presents for me an extraordinary masterpiece. Throughout the game, I really enjoyed the music that makes you feel this game so quiet and tired in the brain immediately disappear. Conclusion: "Too Good" animal jam is a game that I enjoy. But this at once makes me a little regret the gameplay is too minimalist. I feel could animal jam a game that is much more complex, and I can enjoy for a long time. Almost all the problems that I have experienced, arises from this fact. This game is not designed to, seems to be played in a long time, and I have to stop even within 3 hours. Although this game is to be procedurally generated, and you will find the layout of the individual objects, if you repeat the different every time, it is not enough to this game fun to play repeatedly. Not only the gameplay was simple is potentially frustrating, especially the kingdom, you have been very great. On foot from the left corner to the right corner of the empire was able to spend most of the night, and your soldiers that you can not slowly catching on foot, where they work and virtually no work at all if he works too far out of the realm , Nevertheless animal jam is still a very nice game and it is suitable to play for me if you need a break while working on a task that is not to be able to concentrate on the game. From gameplay is very minimalist and the presentation is beautiful and calm, animal jam brought two distinctive feature of the indie game that is unique, simple and very well executed.
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