Names beginning with B

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Biosphere ("CNT / Ceske Budejovice [1978] Mam rad spontalnost, kosmos, dark ambient, prekvapeni ......")
Beyond ("I'm retired and DC is one of my hobbies along with marathon canoe racing and XC skiing. In...")
Borbely Balazs ("My name is Balázs Borbély. I\'m a student at the University of Pécs, Mihály...")
BigMike ("I have always been interested in why we can draw a line that is exactly pi (3.14159...)...")
brinktastee ("Just a humble cruncher from Minnesota.")
balagge89 ("Name: Balázs Bajorics Age: 21 Nationality: Hungarian City: Szeged University:...")
Byron Leigh Hatch @ team Carl Sagan ("Every time I read, watch or listen to Carl Sagan I'm filled with renewed hope for humanity...")
Buckey ("[b][color=#004080]Immer locker durch die Hose atmen...")
Bazooka_CZ ("old computer freak :D")
bcavnaugh ("Crunching@EVGA The Number One Team in the BOINC Community. Folding@EVGA The Number One...")

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