Names beginning with F

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Farkas Zoltán
fasix ("I was born in 1983, I am Italian. I make part of the Boinc@italy. I like the electronic...")
foolish ("hello to all likeminded")
freeoli ("Sziasztok :) ... Budapesten ?lek, informatikusk?nt dolgozom, 22 ?ves vagyok, nincs...")
Francis X. Larkin
Fuzolan ("Hello, my name is Florian Beck and I'm living in North Bavarian. Feel free to visit my...")
Frank Boerner ("Mein Name ist Frank oder auch Frodo genannt. Geboren 1965 im schönen Nordhessen. Seit...")
fwjmath ("I'm a high school student for China. I'm just simply mad about math and distributed...")
FDB ITALIA S.r.l. ("[b]FDB S.r.l. - Plants and equipments for food industry.[/b] The company FDB S.r.l. has...")

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