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JaRski-S60R ("Aloha, I'm Jarmo, live in Belgium but I'm Dutch :-) Born as a "Cancer" in 1975. Hobbies...")
Julian Ellis ("Hi there fellow boincers I was born in 1969 and I come from Liverpool, England. I started...")
Juerschi ("I'm 30 years old living in Bamberg, Germany. Just finished my studies at precision...")
John Greer ("Owner: [b]Business Continuity[/b] Consulting and Software Development firm [b]Wayne, NJ...")
JackTheSkipper ("Hello ! I'm a french student (physics - UCBL Lyon I), 22 years old ,but I come from...")
Jason T. Cinco (".")
Jesse Charles Wagner II [USA]
Jean-Yves LEPROHON ("Epok Revolutions offre des solutions contre le rechauffement de la planete notament en...")
Josh Spradling ("My interests include: science, astronomy, movies, video games, photography, painting,...")

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