Names beginning with J

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JasiK ("Hola!!!! Saludos desde Tombrio de Arriba, un pueblecito de El Bierzo, León,...")
Jhymy ("jhymy alexander delgado cevallos 12 de febrero de 1974, nace en portoviejo manabi,...")
Jose [Team Musketeers] ("Hi, I'm a [url=]musketeer[/url] Argentine, we put our computers to...")
JayPi ("Meine Heimatstadt ist Koeln. Neben Wandern und Skifahren in den Alpen bin ich auch oefters...")
jmj ("[img][/img]")
Janos Maros ("I am from Budapest. Based on my more than almost 60 years long experiment, I can state that...")
james ying ("FAMILY MAN,BUSINESS MAN the final goal --- IN THE 10 OF TOP USING THE MAXIMUM...")
Juergen Hagn ("Geboren wurde ich am 15.01.1963 in...")
John Robert Mallernee ("I am a convert in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the "MORMON"...")

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