Names beginning with K

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karrash ("Hola, vivo en Cádiz (España) y tengo más de 30 años... :) Llevo en esto de la...")
kret.. ("Well, let\'s see.. ;) I\'m 25 years old, live in Poland, and recently finished university...")
Korz53 ("")
Kalessin ("[img][/img]")
KWSN-Sir Papa Smurph ("I am a member of "The Knights Who Say NI!" I joined this Project because I am a Credit...")
Kifer ("purdue student in physics and math")
Kurf ("Not much to tell really I am an optimistic and open minded individual who believes there...")
Kiss István
koubi ("je vis a sens une petite ville se trouvant a 135km de paris en france... 31 ans...")
koll ("Czechoslovak 1963 Mi, Computer, BOINC, Geocaching, Photo, Bicycle, Breadbaker, ...")

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