Names beginning with S

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Simek ("...")
Steve Harmon ("U.S. Army retired Blackhawk Pilot of over 20 years service.")
Stephen R Homer ("I am a proud father and grandfather served in the U.S. Army Signal Corp as a Satellite...")
Swany ("My name is Brian Swaner. I live in Utah and I am a software developer for a loan servicing...")
Shane Phillips ("I grew up in Kansas (USA). I love computers, Geocaching ( and my family....")
shy24 ("23 years old from Hawaii, getting ready to start a DC farm with money acquired from...")
Silivrian ("CPU: A64 3000+ @ 2.2GHz Mobo: Abit AN8 RAM: 2*512MB Infineon DDR400 VGA:...")
student/teacher ("Ladue High School, a project incorporating interns, students, teachers, and...")

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