Names beginning with W

Last updated 25 Nov 2017 12:55:11 UTC

wenmao ("I'm Wenmao,from China,members of,webmaster of to my...")
W. Vetter [SPEG] ("Hallo. Mein Name ist Wolfgang, die meisten sprechen mich aber mit Wolle an. Ich bin 40...")
William W. Mikrut ("I am a Director of MIS for the Nightingale-Conant Corportation (USA and UK divisions) and I...")
WNj ("Moin, I am Wilhelm, born 1966 in Brunswik, working half time for a small real estate...")
WILANDY ("Hello !!! I've just learned by mail that I was "SZTAKI Desktop Grid user of the...")
w313g ("Hello, for further information about me please refer to...")
wugnana ("Hi,guys.I am Wugnan,a hobbit.")

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