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cdnl2604 ("My name is Cameron. I live in Canberra, Australia - the nation's most boring city. I am in...")
Marko ("My computer was boringly idling 24/7 until I remembered BOINC. Now it is crunching numbers...")
The Matas ("Hi, I'm from the Gold Coast, Australia. Started way back in '98 with seti@home. Itâ??s...")
Shadowcats ("Male 43 from Australia love Boinc projects specially Beta ones. Been crunching since seti...")
BF ("I\'m a 30something classical musician, and play the...")
Robert ("I work as a Program Manager for various Banks, Financial Insurers, Health providers and...")
DistroMan ("I live just outside Sydney, Australia, am 50 something and a retired computer consultant. ...")
Prime Lemur ("Hi. I\'m a 35 year old Revenue Protection Professional (a Railway Tickety-Dog) from...")
blackheeler ("BOINCing on the west coast of Australia!")

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