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[B^S] thierry@home ("I like the idea to help, with a bunch of good people, science to progress without being a...")
Guy Pauwels ("Like all [url=]BOINC.BE[/url] members, I suffer from a serious...")
Thibaut ("I'm 17, I live in Liege, in Belgium. My hobbies are : rowing, jogging, violin and aviation....")
Giorgio ("It all started around 1985 when I had my first encouter with what they called a \"Personal...")
[BAT] Deridexki ("Proud founder of BOINC.BE , the biggest Belgian crunching team out there!")
[BAT]Krikke ("Proud member of...")
[BAT] Hexacom ("[IMG][/IMG] [size=15]Hello I\'m a...")
pinkfluffydino ("Proud member of [url=]BOINC.BE[/url], the biggest Belgian crunching...")
Forthomme Laurent ("Hello, I\'m a student in physics at the [url=]Université...")
Jean-Claude ("Hellon I"m from Belgium -retired -Istart BOI?C project six month agao (Einstein@home and...")

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