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titi987 ("gf")
darealgh ("Visitez")
[AF>France>Est>Fight] Pasglop ("Let science win with sztaki!!!")
[AF>EDLS] lalrobin ("Je calcule dans l\'")
[AF>Occitania] ancelinj ("Jean 56a From France Team Occitania")
Hoshi Arubireo
[AF>WildWildWest]Aurel ("Hi, I\'m Aurel from the team l\'Alliance Francophone. Have a nice day. Bye")
cedricdd ("Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone.")
[XTBA>XTC] Pousse Mousse ("Salut, je m\'appel Arnaud et je suis membre des XTBA : Xtrem Team Boinc Addicted la plus...")
[XTBA>TSA] Poulpito ("Hi, I\'m a cruncher of the XTBA team, Mini-team of \"Alliance Francophone\" More...")

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