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Michael Mueller (" I'm 21 and a Mechanical Engineering Student at TU Dresden, Germany. My interests...")
W. Vetter [SPEG] ("Hallo. Mein Name ist Wolfgang, die meisten sprechen mich aber mit Wolle an. Ich bin 40...")
Pepe 69
Klaus Rupprecht ("I am living in Nuremberg, Germany and are 44 years old. I am working for the german railway...")
Teddy0869 ("Hallo, ich komme aus [b]Cuxhaven[/b], der noerdlichsten Stadt in [b]Niedersachsen[/b], bin...")
[b@h] tomcat ("Hi I\'m Thomas greetings from Frankfurt, Hessen/Germany. I have studied chemical...")
WNj ("Moin, I am Wilhelm, born 1966 in Brunswik, working half time for a small real estate...")
Joerg paleface Burkel
XJR-Maniac ("I'm from Duesseldorf (Germany) and currently working as a programmer for software...")
Codeman01101001 ("Hi, my name is Alexander. I am a game programmer and work on \"Grotesque\". More...")

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