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saja ("I'm from Hungary, I'm a 20-year-old student. I'm currently learning at E")
Zoli ("Karbantartó vagyok, Budapesten élek. Hobbim a történelem, magyar és egyetemes...")
True:I think, therefor I THINK I am. My thinking is NOT the source of my being, nor proves my existence to others. Life v lies. Dont be a DNA-denier. Abortion kills a new, unique human, a boy or girl. The fetus has her own CNS, circulatory system ll.PT ("God says - Who made you and formed you in the womb and will help you - "Do not be afraid"....")
poggy ("DELL Optiplex 745 minin nyomom. Ubuntu van, fuck mikrofost. Van még egy Asus 1000 HD...")
LWjuniOr ("I'm a 21yo guy from BUTE(BME) Budapest University of Technology end Economy.")
Szabó Zoltán ("Szabad ember.")
Janos Maros ("I am from Budapest. Based on my more than almost 60 years long experiment, I can state that...")
Zoli ("Sziasztok! Szeretem a tudományt és gondoltam felajánlok némi kapacitást a SZTAKI...")

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