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Eremita ("I\'m an ICU nurse. 36 years old. Happily married with 2 beutiful children. Interested in...")
fasix ("I was born in 1983, I am Italian. I make part of the Boinc@italy. I like the electronic...")
Ammammata ("Started in september 2005, after a while I suspended many other BOINC projects and decided...")
FDB ITALIA S.r.l. ("[b]FDB S.r.l. - Plants and equipments for food industry.[/b] The company FDB S.r.l. has...")
redsink ("[b]My Name is Stefano Roman.[/b] I was born in Conegliano (TV) - Italy in 1970. I live...")
GHz ("Hi, my name is [b]Paolo[/b]. I'm 22 years old and I'm from [b]Italy[/b]!...")
Molok ("I'm molok from south italy, i like esoterism and to help project as this to grow. I start...")
tommi_ ("Hi :) Gender : Male Age : (d.year(Sysyem.Getdate())-1984) :D Occupation : Student...")
Michele ANSALDI ("23/03/2004 Me and my daughter Alicia in front of our house in Holgu├Čn (Cuba) I am born...")

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