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PinkPenguin (""A wise man wants for only nourishing cabbage soup; seek not other things. Except perhaps a...")
marianob [Marche] ("My name is Mariano and I'm itlian. Mi chiamo Mariano e sono italiano.")
jcuervo ("")
[FVG] bax ("PLC software engineer")
Marco8869 [E.R.] ("Hi to all! I'm Marco8869 aka Campos, member of the BOINC.Italy team I'm doing the best...")
morse [E.R.] - BOINC.Italy ("My name is Andrea and I'm 25 years old. I graduated in engineering of telecommunications...")
@@$tars_Finder@@ ("Hi :-). I'm Italian and crunching on many boinc projects to help scientific research.")
pallas ("I'm a developer, a miner and a gridcoin supporter.")
Meroni Gianluca

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