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David Wilson ("My job is maintaining and fixing radios of any type, from short range to SATCOM and...")
UBT - Halifax--lad ("Im 24 from Halifax in the UK and work for the Civil Service. I also spend my spare time...")
h2cm ("Hi everyone I'm 40+ married with 3 children. I live in NW England and work for the NHS,...")
UBT - GysmoSan ("[url=http://www.ukboincteam.org.uk]UK Boinc...")
borandi ("Ian Cutress - Founder of BOINC@Hull 2nd year MChem Chemistry with eChem student at the...")
Union Jack
paul and kirsty yates ("hi my name is paul and i am 37 my partner is kirsty and she is 22 we have a little girl...")
MarkL. ("Hi, I'm Mark from UK. Definitely hooked on this number crunching! Definitely fascinated by...")
Lord Tedric ("Just a (not literally) little fish in a big pond. Do not want to be noticed, Just want to...")

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