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Snowdog of TSBT ("Originally started out as a Seti@Home cruncher and diversified into Boinc and its multitude...")
actraider ("Hi, I'm a 34 year old male from Boston in the UK. Started many years ago with the...")
lenny ("I'm old enough to know better but young enough not to care ;-) I am retired from the USAF...")
Evil-Dragon ("Hi everyone, I'm from England and have been working with computers for over 15 years. I'm a...")
john firth ("Hi, I am a retired bank manager, age 70 next. Married with two children and two...")
Malcolm_Jenkins ("Retired software designer. Hobby : horn loudspeaker design.")
MRAO ("I've got a Mathematics background, though I have been in IT for a long while now. But this...")
UBT - Janea ("Generally rather eccentric middle aged hippy type woman, living with husband and two...")
Lonely ("At 60 something, and then some, I\'ve entered into my second childhood. I enjoy computing...")

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