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GalaxyIce ("mostly harmless...")
nectar ("i'm me")
TUMMY TUCK ("I run a medical holiday service for poeple looking for affordable medical treatment and...")
Gary ("Hello")
FlyingfocRS of the Scottish Boinc Team ("I live in the North of Scotland. Have been crunching distibuted computing since I joined...")
cosmetic surgery ("My occupation is medical holidays agent, specialising in plastic and...")
Roswell_47 ("[url=http://www.myspace.com/roswell_47]MySpace Profile = Roswell_47[/url]")
m4rtyn ("[img]http://www.ukboincteam.org.uk/UKBOINCTeam-400.jpg[/img] Hi, my name is M4rtyn I am 49...")
UBT-Timby ("Member of The UK BOINC Team. Join us here...")
Semmy ("Originally I crunched for CPDN in its pre BOINC days then had a spell with find-a-drug but...")

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