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UBT - Rick Horn ("Hi, I`m Rick Horn aged 61 from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK and work as a head science...")
UBT - Terry ("Hi I\'m a Boinc addict and crunch 24/7 on quite a few projects and i\'m a proud member of...")
UBT - PaulT ("...")
UBT - The Prof.... ("HI there! I am a train driver from the English midlands, who runs a crunching project for...")
Droid ("Born in 1958 I suppose I am a new-comer to the world of computing, having only owned one...")
KNEE REPLACEMENT ("please allow me to intoduce myself at your community, I am a travel agent from Uk,...")
HIP REPLACEMENT ("I work in the medical travel industry, we are very busy at the moment introducing a new...")
FACE LIFT ("Hi I am from Uk, I am bio-chemistry technician I am at the moment busy working on the...")
smith639 ("Proud to be a member of UK BOINC Team!")
ChertseyAl ("Retired from hi-tech digital TV consultancy, now freelance \'Jack of all trades\'. Collect...")

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