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Zoidmania ("12 years old. I\'m also working with Galaxy zoo. Notice the Picture. It stands foe H&L...")
Andrew Stephen ("PhD Candidate in Marketing Columbia University Graduate School of Business Research...")
Purple Rabbit ("I was born at a very early age in Alliance, Ohio. The harbinger of my future showed itself...")
joe runn
Solarwinds ("Be sure to visit [url=http://www.setiusa.net]setiusa.net[/url] and join our community!...")
Emach ("Currently in Fort Worth, Tx . Retired US. Marine and I\'m now doing machine maitenance for...")
james ("i have two years of college 1970 to 1972 from there i own my own bussines and for 1980 to...")
Jeff17 ("I work in information technology. My primary interest is in the mathematical projects, but...")
yank ("Born in Brooklyn, NY a few years ago (1938) and now live in a very small town in Arkansas....")
Brendan ("I\'m from Houston; 20 now and living in Austin, studying mathematics at St. Edward\'s...")

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