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Kimberly S. Barkley (""Progress and conduct: I'm afraid that I am severely disappointed in God's works. All...")
Lewis1973 ("I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and am currently living in Huntsville, Alabama. I am married...")
BOINC*Zappattazz*Synergy ("[b][size=29][color=red]SZTAKI![/color][/size][/b]")
Paul D. Buck ("Born in Roechester, NY Lived in: [list] * Rochester, NY (~4 years) * Middleton, OH (~4...")
Bill Michael
Murdrak ("Hi, I'm Aaron from Burlington Vermont. I work for a service bureau to the subsidized...")
Narwhal ("52-year-old male from the North Coast, working for the government. Been building computer...")
Krunchin-Keith [USA] ("[b]K[/b]aptain of team...")
ThePhantom86 ("I'm from a little town outside of Waco, TX called McGregor but I moved to Indiana in April...")
Steve_Martin@SETI.USA ("No more Time Zones No more Daylight Savings One World, One Time UTC UTC UTC UTC")

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