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Ed and Harriet Griffith ("Harriet and I are both a very happily married couple who are now in our 50s. (Ed married an...")
Maxwell [MM] ("I\'m a graduate student in Minnesota, hoping to finish up soon and begin my career as an...")
GT4 fan ("A cruncher for over 10 years off and on--I\'ve had too many user names to remember my...")
Mumps [MM] ("I\'m relatively new at DC, only BOINC\'ing since Feb, 2008, but having a lot of...")
HP_Administrator ("Collect and use old military rifles, go to the target range, read books, make models ,and...")
Teratoma [SETI.USA] ("Married, Father of 2 Amazing Boys, a Crunchaholic, and a Proud Member of...")
BigMike ("I have always been interested in why we can draw a line that is exactly pi (3.14159...)...")
Hal9000x86 ("Member of KWSN, a raving loonie looking for a tree to cut down with this herring.")
Mike* ("[img]http://www.arizonamoon.eu/L/astraeye_bla.jpg[/img] [b]Web Site:...")
brinktastee ("Just a humble cruncher from Minnesota.")

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