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Ronald S Black ("Instrumentation and controls engineer, living in Charlotte, NC, USA. Man, 51 years old. I...")
shiva ("Hello I'm Rick I live in western Kansas about 60 miles from the center of the USA. I'm a...")
NullCoding* ("Computer technician by trade. I repair them, but I also build and collect them for fun (and...")
gdibble ("Los Angeles, CA FREE-THINKER / Entrepreneur -- Few are those who see with their...")
DCgunfighter ("Cruncher from the Midwestern U.S. I was just recently introduced to BOINC and am really...")
planetclown ("I enjoy following trends in science and technology and how they impact humanity. Also a...")
Steve Hawker* ("I've been crunching since 2012 and the more I do, the more I like it. I try to crunch...")
Eric Woods ("This is one of my hobbies along with a few other Boinc projects.")
Steve Dodd ("Crunching for The Planetary Society since May, 1999. Love chasing after badges and RAC :)...")
williebthere ("Married U.S. Air Force 1972-1976 Bricklayer - PCC ***Retired*** Sober Collect...")

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