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Keck_Komputers ("I watch people play games for a living, casino supervisor. BOINC and play EverQuest in my...")
SamLapp@SETI.USA.WV ("Join SETI.USA - Together we will accomplish something amazing! My name is Sam. My family...")
LaserLinX ("_x__Macs are LinX to the World__x_")
[SETI.USA]Tank_Master ("Check out my team\'s city! [url]http://seti.usa.myminicity.com/[/url] About me: I am...")
hih_tv-Greg ("Just doing my part.")
Francis X. Larkin
[B^S] Dr. Bill Skiba ("I'm a dentist from Croton on Hudson, NY, about 30 miles north of NYC. I have a private...")
boaltdotorg ("boalt.org is a U.C. Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) student group working for the...")
Brian ("Hi, I'm Brian. You really don't want to know my age, occupation, hobbies, or anything...")
KSMarksPsych ("My name is Kathryn. I am from NE Ohio. I\'m 29 and have been for a couple years...")

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