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The Clue isin front of you
David Duvall ("My name is David Duvall and I'm from the City of Columbia, State of Missouri, United States...")
student/teacher ("Ladue High School, a project incorporating interns, students, teachers, and...")
dmcheck ("I was born in Elmira NY, USA. Married with two children, both in college. Our son is the...")
Greeri ("Just because I don\'t care doesn\'t mean I don\'t understand. ")
Vincent_Campos ("Location: Texas, USA Education: BBA, MBA Certifications: A+, Network+ ")
StephenCB ("I support the Fair Tax Act of 2005 because... The Fair Tax is [b]Fair[/b], [b]Simple[/b]...")
kazar66 ("from small town in PA Iam 39 I work in the mailing business love mustangs and often find...")
Adrian ("Soy de Italia, me llamo Adrian E Sanchez,tengo 35 ano de edad, estube viviendo en Argentina...")
jeffd ("Home has been Northern California for most of my life. Midas (my Gldn Retvr) likes to go...")

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