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1fast6 ("Greetings to all... I am just a regular guy, living in sunny Florida... I am married to...")
Steve Hebler ("My name is Steve. I reside in Toledo, Ohio, USA and teach Mathematics at the high school...")
leylinewalker ("I am a 58 year old former nuclear engineer and computer guru. Currently, I am disabled and...")
Frenchman ("I am 52 years old and a billing clerk for a law firm in New Orleans, La. I began using...")
KB7RZF ("What else is there, but BOINC SYNERGY!!!")
Krunching Kajun ("I was born in 1977, from Monroe, Louisiana. Besides being banned by Predictor@Home, I...")
kencf0618 ("Just another geek. ")
macsyma ("I'm a retired mathematics professor living in southern California, USA.")
SirScuba ("Hello, i am a SCUBA instructor in Dallas, Tx in my spare time.")

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